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Man killed, Wis. home destroyed in homemade explosion

A bomb team was called to the scene to detonate several other homemade explosives found in cars and a shed

By Cassandra Vinch

WAUSAU, Wis. — The Marathon County Sheriff says human remains were found Friday morning buried under debris of a home that exploded Thursday in the town of Wausau. Those remains have not yet been positively identified but authorities say they believe they are the remains of the sole occupant and owner of the home, 43-year-old Jesse B. Jehn.

Authorities say the explosion that destroyed a rural Wausau home and killed one person was deliberate and another four devices designed to either explode or burst into flames were found on the property. Detectives say two of the devices were inside two separate vehicles parked near the residence. Another device was in a shed and one device in a small camper on the property.

Marathon County Sheriff’s Department officials say the devices were safely disrupted by the Marathon/Oneida County Bomb Team.

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