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Using an online tax preparation service or working with a public safety tax preparation expert might save you time and money. Here’s what to know.
Here are seven strategies to pay down debt and live within your means
Say what you want about millennials, but they have healthy attitudes toward work-life balance in public safety; we should follow their lead
“You guys have neglected your streets, you’ve neglected your police department and have neglected the families of those police officers”
As a police officer, you spend a ton of time training to ensure your safety on the job. But what about your financial safety?
“Our film gives a voice to the spouses, significant others and children of the police family,” the media company’s release states
K-9 Igor will not be transferring departments with Chad Hagan, his handler of five years
From adjusting to new routines to supporting individual hobbies, retired LE couples can thrive and find joy in this new phase of life
The center will accommodate officers’ schedules and will cost about half of the market price for childcare services
“This career … often involves balancing work and family, and our chief is so supportive of the family life outside of work,” the Modesto PD stated
Hear from a handful of IACP speakers about the importance of facility dogs, recruitment and retention advice and more
Often in this profession, we think it’s work or family. We see it as either/or, but that’s not how it works
The Irving Police Department and Irving Fire Department combined forces to offer EMDR therapy, an employee health clinic, wellness incentives and much more
“Some parents may not realize that their kids are scared about whether or not they’re going to come back home,” singer-songwriter Tenley Moran said
As a police officer, you need a personal support network to help you deal with trauma; your spouse and friends are a good place to start
Wife and mother to police officers – both deceased – her walls and shelves are covered by photos of them
By following actionable steps before, during and after a vacation, officers can embrace the therapeutic power of detachment
Amazon offers discounts on many items that can make your police day a little easier
Pre-retirement workshops can be a helpful tool in preventing adverse outcomes during retirement
I know the landmines are there, but awareness alone won’t prevent the darkness of depression from creeping in