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Firearm safety at home for police officers

The potential for tragic accidents, such as an unsupervised child accessing a gun, underscores the need for vigilance

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In Today’s Tip, Gordon Graham stresses the critical importance of firearms safety at home for law enforcement professionals.

Given that many officers bring their duty weapons home or keep firearms for home defense, secure storage is a must. The potential for tragic accidents, such as an unsupervised child or curious teenager accessing a loaded gun, underscores the need for vigilance.

Gordon urges officers to ensure all firearms are securely stored, to regularly review the fundamentals of firearms safety and to educate all household members on these principles. He also recommends familiarizing oneself with both agency policies and state laws regarding firearm storage, and to research the best storage solutions, such as safes and locking devices, that fit one’s home and family needs.

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Gordon Graham has been actively involved in law enforcement since 1973. He spent nearly 10 years as a very active motorcycle officer while also attending Cal State Long Beach to achieve his teaching credential, USC to do his graduate work in Safety and Systems Management with an emphasis on Risk Management, and Western State University to obtain his law degree. In 1982 he was promoted to sergeant and also admitted to the California State Bar and immediately opened his law offices in Los Angeles.