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Lexipol provides fully developed, state-specific law enforcement policies researched and written by subject matter experts and vetted by attorneys. Our policies are based on nationwide standards and best practices while also incorporating state and federal laws and regulations where appropriate. Best of all, we keep your policies updated for you, saving you time and money.

With Lexipol, you will enhance personnel accountability, reduce liability, save time and money on policy management AND rest easy knowing your department is protected.

The court rules that the officers had no reasonable suspicion to conduct a Terry frisk in this recent case
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Focusing on observed behavior will help protect both the individuals needing assistance and the officers responding to the situation
What officers claimed was hostile behavior, the court determined was the plaintiff pressing to exercise his right to remain in his home and require a warrant for entry
Although teamwork is a natural element of publicsafety, it’s easy for leaders to become complacent and fail to pay sufficient attention to team dynamics
Gordon Graham on facilitating the sharing of knowledge by and between police departments