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After 19 heart attacks, retired Texas police officer needs transplant

Kevin Lopez, 52, has been defibrillated 22 times and is medically retired


Det. Kevin Lopez (ret.), center, with family.

Nicole Lopez

By Suzie Ziegler

PLANO, Texas — Kevin Lopez was 35 and working as a narcotics detective when he had his first heart attack.

“I just dropped. My buddy started tending to me. We got dispatch on the line,” Lopez told Fox 4 News. “I woke up four days later wondering why everybody was crying.”

Since then, Lopez has had 18 more heart attacks and is medically retired. He lives with a defibrillator implant to monitor his heart and send shocks when he goes into cardiac arrest.

“I’ve been defibrillated 22 times. I had a stroke, lost half my eyesight because of it,” Lopez said. “It’s scary. It’s terrifying. It feels like a little car or truck hitting you.”

Doctors say the implant won’t work for much longer, according to the report. Lopez needs a heart transplant.

“I knew this day was coming. But when they sit you there in the hospital and say your heart is done and you need a transplant, it’s pretty hard to wrap your head around it,” Lopez said.

Lopez’s daughter, Nicole, has set up an online fundraiser to help cover her father’s medical bills. Even with insurance and disability benefits, Lopez is struggling.

“The amount of money I make isn’t nearly enough to cover all my bills. I’ve lost two homes, vehicles, sold most of my possessions to keep up,” Lopez said.

Despite the challenge, Lopez isn’t giving up.

“I don’t care if I’m on my last breath. I’m still going to be fighting. I’ve got a warrior mentality, warrior mindset and there won’t be any stopping. I know I’m going to make it through this one way or another,” he said.

You can help cover Lopez’s medical expenses by donating here.

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