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Dr. Kevin Gilmartin features in PoliceOne Academy’s new health and wellness series

Dr. Gilmartin’s courses aim to equip officers to identify and address wellness issues

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“The online format will put this critical wellness information in the hands of more officers than ever before,” notes Dr. Kevin Gilmartin.

By Police1 Staff

DALLAS — Lexipol, Police1’s parent company, recently announced the introduction of exclusive wellness courses featuring behavioral scientist and law enforcement expert, Dr. Kevin Gilmartin, author of “Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement.” The new educational series will be offered through Lexipol’s PoliceOne Academy learning management system as an add-on for existing PoliceOne Academy customers or as a stand-alone subscription.

“We are excited to add this exclusive series of courses to PoliceOne Academy,” said Tim Kensok, Lexipol Vice President of Policy & Learning Development. “The curriculum will feature a wealth of information on officer wellness to support healthy careers in law enforcement. Dr. Gilmartin’s work is crucial for law enforcement and his expertise is an important addition to our course offering.”

Nearly 80% of law enforcement officers report having experienced critical stress over the course of their policing career and 68% report unresolved emotional issues, according to the release. Gilmartin’s courses on PoliceOne Academy help agencies and officers apply practical and preventive strategies to reduce the negative impact of a career in law enforcement.

“The online format will put this critical wellness information in the hands of more officers than ever before,” said Gilmartin. “I am passionate about equipping law enforcement professionals with strategic tools to promote wellness in the face of critical incidents, stress and the daily challenges of policing.”

This is the first time Gilmartin’s wellness series will be available online. The course will include information on counteracting the physiological and emotional impacts of law enforcement, how to cope with being on high alert and strategies for transitioning off-duty. New courses featuring Gilmartin will be added to PoliceOne Academy annually.

Learn more about PoliceOne Academy’s new wellness courses here.