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Copline’s “Run for the Call” honors LEOs with live and virtual 5k

Organizers have chosen New Year’s Eve as reminder that police officers all over the country are working and not with their families


Photo via Copline

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, runners from across the country will embark on the “Run for the Call”, an event organized by Copline to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by law enforcement professionals and help the organization in its mission to support the mental health of officers everywhere.

Event Overview:

  • Date and Location:

    When: December 31, 2023

    Time: 2359 hours

    Where: Point Pleasant Beach (NJ) Boardwalk (Arnold Ave and Ocean Ave) OR Virtually

    How to Sign Up:

  • Race Format: Participants have the option to partake in either a 5K run or a 1-mile walk. This inclusive format ensures that individuals of all fitness levels can join and show their support. There will be a virtual run that will start at midnight in every time zone.

    Last year, the event saw participation from dozens of runners in NJ and virtual participants on elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills.

  • Purpose and Goals: The primary aim of “Run for the Call” is to raise awareness and funds for Copline, an organization dedicated to providing 24/7 confidential support to police officers. The event underscores the critical need for mental health resources in the law enforcement community. The organizers’ goal is to have someone from every department and field office in every county to have a participant in the Run for the Call.

Key Details:

  • Participation Flexibility: The virtual nature of the event allows participants to run or walk at any location of their choice, be it a local park, treadmill, or neighborhood street. This flexibility encourages greater participation from across the country.
  • Sponsor the event: Individuals or organizations interested in sponsoring Run for the Call can do so here.
  • Registration Information: Interested individuals can register online through the Copline website. Details regarding registration fees, deadlines, and participant packages are available on the event page.
  • Community Involvement: “Run for the Call” invites not only law enforcement officers but also their families, friends, and community supporters to join in solidarity for this cause.
  • Event Merchandise: Registered participants will receive an official event t-shirt, contributing to the sense of unity and purpose among all those involved.
  • Social Media Engagement: Participants are encouraged to share their experience on social media using designated hashtags to further spread awareness and foster a sense of community.

Importance for Law Enforcement:

  • Mental Health Awareness: The event plays a crucial role in highlighting Copline’s mission to reduce the stigma associated with reaching out for help about the mental health challenges faced by police officers.
  • Support Network: By supporting Copline, “Run for the Call” strengthens the network of assistance available to officers in need, ensuring they have access to confidential and empathetic support.
  • Community Connection: The event fosters a stronger bond between law enforcement and the community, showing unified support for the well-being of those who protect and serve.

“Run for the Call” is more than just a race; it’s a powerful statement of support and solidarity for the mental health of our police officers. The law enforcement community and its supporters are encouraged to participate, contribute, and help spread the message of this vital cause.
For more information on how to get involved, visit the Copline website.