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Heart Attack

Moderated by Gordon Graham, Co-founder of Lexipol
Even without departmental help, there are steps you take toward better health
There are steps leaders can take to help personnel be healthier
Addressing the hidden dangers of cardiovascular disease
Addressing the critical issues of cardiac health for police officers
“You hear that all the time, ‘Hey you helped me out, you saved me’ … but this is one of those few times, had they physically not been there, I’d be dead,” Officer Dean Alexander said
Goodland Police Chief Frank Hayes Jr. suffered the heart attack after successfully negotiating a two-hour police standoff
Police face a tremendous risk – what goes into it, and what can they do about it?
“All the stars aligned that day that he was in the office and not somewhere else doing other work,” Sergeant Brett Getman said
Through a Dukes Healthcare Foundation grant, leaders brought Sigma Tactical Wellness representatives to the Peru police and fire departments
After returning to his patrol vehicle, Cpl. Chad Beattie began feeling ill and collapsed
Heart disease is a leading cause of death for police officers.View this webinar to learn about health diagnostics and wellness initiatives that specifically address the needs of law enforcement officers.
Deputy Jerry Critchelow was a 41-year law enforcement veteran and loved working with kids
Kevin Lopez, 52, has been defibrillated 22 times and is medically retired
At 49, Officer Tommy Norman wouldn’t have predicted his heart attack. But for cops, that’s average
Michael Sillman was also working as the police chief of Grant Town, West Virginia
Reserve Deputy Tom Hoobler had been with the Childress County Sheriff’s Office since 2003
Officer Theresa Simon was remembered for her professionalism and hard work
Chief of Police Timothy Sheehan was 50 years old
Sheriff Michael Zurlo praised the dispatchers for their professionalism and dedication during the emergency that happened in the middle of their shift
Sgt. Harry Cohen was training with the agency’s K-9 unit at the time, said Sheriff Chad Bianco
If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of a couple of the officer’s colleagues who knew how to use a defibrillator, he wouldn’t be here today
Shortly after handing over his license and registration, the man suffered an apparent heart attack
Officer Marc Uland Kelley, 41, suffered a heart attack while responding to a call at a residence hall