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From officers explaining why they love their community to images of K-9 officers adorned with flowers, these posts are a mix of professionalism and festive spirit
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and his deputies out in force ringing the bells
There are things you do as a cop to make up for missing the holidays. Sneaking home in the middle of the night to put presents under the tree is one of them
“No beavers or officers were injured,” a spokesperson for the Bartlett Police Department said
K-9 Maxa tracked and located the child, who was unharmed, in a wooded area near the family’s home
The mother confessed to officers that she had spoiled Elf on the Shelf for her son; to restore the boy’s spirit, the officers staged a traffic stop to “scold” her for moving the elf, thus allowing it to regain its powers
The Macon County sheriff praised the deputies involved for their fast reactions when they realized what was happening as the suspect fled the store, accompanied by a child
First held in 1920, the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade is the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade in America
Browse our gallery of AI-generated police vehicle Christmas tree ornaments
What’s even more special is that these gifts help support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
There are some incredible products available to make your favorite law enforcement officer’s work life a lot easier and more comfortable