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Jerrod Hardy

Coaching Corner

Jerrod Hardy recently retired after a 21-year law enforcement career. Over his law enforcement career, he served as a member of the SWAT team, field training officer, school resource officer, lead defensive tactics instructor and training academy coordinator. Jerrod runs TeamHardy, which provides law enforcement coaching on ground tactics, mindset, career survival and leadership. He is the author of “Extraordinary People in Ordinary Places.” Contact him at

Exploring the unique considerations when coaching BJJ to law enforcement personnel, focusing on weapon retention, transitioning to cuffing and strategic disengagement
Instead of training for that perfect repetition with a completely compliant partner, let’s challenge our students with a “what next” frame of thought
Injury fears, liability management and public perception are just some of the hurdles to overcome
Here is a quick way to incorporate skill-based, scenario training into your use of force training program
An apology is needed as my generation failed to lead courageously into difficult topics and conversations
While I was prepared for the next chapter in my life, I did not realize how much I would miss the people I worked with
Fear is a natural response that can be used to heighten our skills, senses and focus, but only if we acknowledge its existence
There are potential safety issues and training scars associated with the traditional scissor sweep technique
There are several steps you can take to ease the transition from active duty to retired cop
This is potentially the worst position for officers because they are subject to chokes and strikes to the back of the head