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Adapting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for law enforcement: A tactical shift in training

Exploring the unique considerations when coaching BJJ to law enforcement personnel, focusing on weapon retention, transitioning to cuffing and strategic disengagement

Recognized not only for its effectiveness in physical encounters but also for its profound impact on mental resilience, stress relief and personal development, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has been more than a martial art; it’s been a transformative force for many in uniform. However, integrating BJJ into law enforcement goes beyond traditional sport training. It requires a critical examination of techniques to ensure they are adapted for the realities officers face on the streets.

This specialized approach emphasizes weapon retention, transitioning smoothly to cuffing and the ability to disengage from an assailant, ensuring that officers are prepared for a wide range of scenarios. The evolution of BJJ training for law enforcement reflects a broader commitment to safety, control and efficiency in high-stakes environments, underscoring the vital role of adapted martial arts in modern policing strategies.

The program allows officers to train weekly in hand-to-hand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, refining skills and helping with confidence, discipline, health and wellness
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Aside from the obvious benefits of the art itself, we are only beginning to tap into the full potential of what Jiu-Jitsu offers law enforcement officers
The level of control needed during this martial art is the same as when responding on a SWAT call
Jiu-jitsu, a martial art that uses the body as leverage, can help officers more safely get control of suspects
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Police1 author Jerrod Hardy is a 20-year law enforcement officer and an Air Force veteran. He owns one of the largest mixed martial arts gyms in Colorado.