Mich. K-9 sniffs out woman’s wedding rings at beach

A woman who lost her wedding rings in the sand was worried they were gone for good

By Suzie Ziegler 

EAGLE RIVER, Mich. — A police K-9 saved a woman from tragedy last week while patrolling along a beach. But it wasn’t your typical call for service. 

According to Elsa Green on Facebook, Sgt. Brad Pelli and partner K-9 Dogo helped find her wedding rings after she lost them in the sand. 

Green said others tried to help, but no one could find the rings. 

“A nice man with his wife’s metal detector tried to find them to no avail,” Green wrote. “My friend Colleen ran up to the sheriff’s department to see if they had any way to help and was told ‘no.’ A few minutes later Deputy Pelli and [Dogo] showed up. [Dogo] put his training and skills to use and sure enough he found my rings!”

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