2 suspects released on Calif. $0 bail ridicule policy on police Facebook page

"It doesn't surprise me, to be honest with you," said Cpl. James Ellenberger. "Some will post their crimes on Faceboook and talk about how they think they've gotten away with it"

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CLOVIS, Calif. — Two people accused of stealing are taking to social media, ridiculing the state's zero bail policy.

And they're doing it, on the Facebook page belonging to the police department that arrested them.

Clovis Police arrested 19-year-old Schirrell Cummings, 18-year-old Michael Ivory, and a 16-year-old on Wednesday, May 13th.

Police had already been investigating a series of thefts at the same store since May 1st, and were on site when, they say, the three were carrying out the theft.

"We're talking about thousands of dollars," says Clovis Police Corporal James Ellenberger.

Police released details about the arrest on Facebook. And it wasn't long before people who identified themselves as Cummings and Ivory chimed in, posting on the thread.

Cummings posted, among other things, "I'm reading the comments with my feet kicked up on bail."


Retail Theft Crew Steals $14,000 in Clothing from Dick’s Sporting Goods Since May 1st—3 Arrested, Stolen AR-15...

Posted by Clovis Police Department, California on Friday, May 15, 2020

"It doesn't surprise me, to be honest with you," Ellenberger said. "Some will post their crimes on Faceboook and talk about things they've done and how they think they've gotten away with certain things."

Clovis Police say the theft crew was targeting Nike items-- and had stolen a total of $14,000 in at least five heists.

They served a warrant at a Fresno home, and recovered some of the stolen items.

Police say they also found a stolen AR-15, taken in Fresno.

No charges have been filed in that case, as the investigation continues.

"It's tough to hold people accountable when they're just going to be let go," Ellenberger said. "Our police officers are very motivated. We'll continue to do our job and we won't accept it. If they're gonna come to Clovis to commit crimes, we'll do what we need to do to address these crimes. I don't care if you're gonna go to jail, come back out, come back again. We'll just take you back to jail."

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