N.Y. cop forgives drunk driver who put him in coma, lessening man’s sentence

A man was sentenced to months instead of years because of Officer Timothy Thrane's forgiveness

By Suzie Ziegler 

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — Officer Timothy Thrane spent weeks in a coma after a drunk driver nearly killed him on November 2, 2021. Thrane, who was on duty at the time, suffered a cerebral hematoma, skull fractures, torn ligaments in his neck and multiple broken bones, according to CBS News

Yet Thrane has compassion for the man who caused the crash. On Monday, at the drunk driver’s sentencing, Thrane offered his forgiveness to 38-year-old William Petersohn, CBS reported. 

"I understand that you simply made a poor decision that night," Thrane said in the courtroom. "I know it was not your intention to hurt me, but that was the result. I realize how lucky I am to be alive and I hope you realize the same." 

It’s because of Thrane’s forgiveness that Petersohn will receive a lighter sentence, according to CBS News. Instead of years, Petersohn was sentenced six months in jail and five years of probation. 

Petersohn pleaded guilty to DWI and has expressed remorse for hitting Thrane. 

"My words can't properly convey how sorry I am for this," Petersohn said at the sentencing.  

Thrane still has months of rehab ahead, but he hopes to return to duty. 

"I want to get back to myself. I want to be a cop again," Thrane told CBS News. "I want to be the husband and father I was. Since I woke up from the coma, I feel I still have that drive." 

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