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Video: Detroit reporter mocks police response time

Charlie LeDuff waited around with a woman until police responded to a call that her home had been robbed

By Police1 Staff

DETROIT — Infamous Detroit field reporter Charlie LeDuff mocked the delayed response time of Detroit police by visiting the residence of a woman after she had allegedly been robbed and waited with her for police to arrive.

The woman in the video, which was filmed last year, but recently went viral, said she feared entering the home in case the robbers were still inside, so LeDuff took it upon himself to search the home.

After determining it had been robbed and was clear, LeDuff went out to buy lunch, took a bath, and read a children’s book — all while keeping track of how long it had been since the woman called police to report a home robbery.

Police arrived and told the woman an investigator would arrive the next day to dust for prints. According to LeDuff, that was four hours after she made the call.

Police told LeDuff the response would have been immediate if the robbery was in progress at the time of the call.