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Police Week poem: A Cop Today

In honor of National Police Week, a veteran officer writes about the challenges facing LEOs today


AP Photo/Allison Dinner

In 2019, Officer Jeff Stagg of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) submitted two poems for inclusion in Police1’s Police Poetry section. This year, we asked Jeff to write a poem for National Police Week.

“Since I sent you my two poems – ‘Police Man’ and ‘You’ve Got The Good Cops’ – almost three years ago, our country (and the entire world!) has been turned upside down,” writes Jeff. “It seems like so many things that are wrong, or what can be construed as ‘bad’ and ‘at fault,’ has fallen on the heads of those of us in law enforcement. The following poem, written to be sung to the tune of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man,’ is my response.”

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A Cop Today

(My wife) pressed my uniform last night

My gear laid out, all set to wear

What will happen on this shift, who knows? So just prepare

When you’re a cop, no shift can be planned

No when or where, just know your partners have your back

And courage is the one sure thing we’ve never lacked

And it’s tougher now to be a cop today

When we were called the “finest” was countless yesterdays

The Thin Blue Line keeps taking more hits every day

We know…We know…yet right here we stay

Cops today, every city, every town, it’s “Come what may!”

And it’s tougher now, we pray more folks will care

Our fellow cops stand by us, we need to cry and share

Helping kids in suffering and pain

We know…We know…that our strength can wane

Cops today, men and women called to handle EVERYTHING!

And it’s tougher now through insults and the names

Our families know the truth, of us they’re not ashamed

So many of the wrongs here, fall on us to blame

If our profession ceases, Evil stakes its claim

We know, we know, yet right here we stay

Cops today, every shift we use our gifts to keep you safe

And I’m proud to still be called a cop today

Vets and rookies proud to be a cop today

Even though our lives could be the price we pay

We’re all proud to still be called a cop today

Please God bless us as we stay a cop today.