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Off-duty N.Y. officer uses thermal imaging drone to help family find missing dog

Mike Coyne said he’s helped more than 50 families since last year with his drone service

By Sarah Roebuck

PORT JERVIS, N.Y. — A police officer who works as a dog rescuer when he’s off duty used a thermal imaging drone to reunite a family with their missing dog, Brooklyn News 12 reports.

The dog, named Levi, had been missing for four days. The family contacted Mike Coyne, who then used his drone to locate the dog. Levi was found in a wooded area with a paw injury, but he is now back home recovering, thanks to Coyne.

Coyne, a police drone pilot in Westchester and an avid animal lover, told Brooklyn News 12 he’s happy to help families when he’s off duty.

“A dog becomes a member of the family so when they go missing, it’s like you’re losing one of your children,” Coyne told Brooklyn News 12. “The reunion is that happy moment that we are all looking to achieve!”

Coyne said he’s helped more than 50 families since last year with his service, Heatseeker Drone Services.

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