Low-cost car entry tools of convenience

During a traffic stop or field interview, have you come across an object that, while not illegal, just doesn't seem to belong? One such object that may offer insight into a subject's activity is a fondue fork. These are normally constructed of a plastic or wooden handle connected to a metal rod eight to 12 inches long that has a two-pronged end. Many discount stores sell a pack of six of these for a few dollars. With just a little practice, a car burglar can insert the pronged end into the gap around the door handle hinges of certain cars and trucks. The prong grabs the door's vertical lock rod and then by leveraging the rod, the door lock raises and unlocks the vehicle. The thief is then free to steal the contents or the whole vehicle, with no telltale signs such as a broken side window or punched door lock. This fondue fork and items like it can also serve as weapons of convenience.

On the flip side, this can also be a low-cost and convenient way for an officer to get inside a vehicle as well, if he or she needs to and for some reason doesn't have the typical entry tool.

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