Students write letters to Idaho cops shot by fugitive

The officers were shot while looking for a fugitive

By Police1 Staff 

BOISE, Idaho — A group of third graders who were learning how to write letters decided to sent words of encouragement to two injured police officers. 

Mrs. Brown, the children’s teacher, told KPVI that she thought of the idea after the police chief posted a video asking for letters and pictures for the officers. 

“Dear officer, get better soon. You're awesome. Thank you for protecting us. You're awesome. You're amazing,” Afton Young’s letter read. 

The students wanted to let the officers know how much they are appreciated. 

“We talk about the golden rule,” Brown said. “What goes around comes around, and they want to share that and help them feel better.”

One of the officers shot in the Nov. 11 incident is still in critical condition. 

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