The 1,000th 'Newsline'

For more than 30 years, Calibre Press has helped the law enforcement community remain healthy both emotionally and physically, and win encounters of every kind. A thousand Newlines ago Chuck Remsberg expanded his service to the crime fighting community by creating the first Newsline. It’s appropriate this Newsline be transmitted on Veteran’s Day — a day that America remembers the service of the millions of men and women who have served in our armed forces. So many of those heroes continue their service by putting on a badge and gun to protect our liberties here at home! We are so proud to be part of that mission by assisting you with training and information.

Police1, Calibre Press, and the Street Survival Seminar exist to give you the resources you need to prepare yourself for whatever challenge you face. The philosophy of always having “When/Then” thinking is the driving force in our articles and videos. The real training has always been — and always will be — within you. You are the one who has to face the threats and stresses of our profession. You must craft your own mental and physical skills to meet whatever the street throws at you. While we provide tools to help you, it is your responsibility to keep your mind, skills, equipment, and body ready for the next mountain you’ll have to climb.

That’s why — whether or not you are a military veteran — you are our mission. This is your Newsline.  Your feedback guides the content. Tell us what you want to see, hear, and learn in the future and we will do our best to get it you. We look forward to hearing from each of you in the future — a future we hope to help make safer and better by continuing to grow as you do!

Stay safe.
— Dave Smith

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