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Trending topics: How a bystander becomes a hero

By Police1 Staff

Protect and serve — it’s what law enforcement officers are sworn to do. It’s the reason police face the dangers most hope to never encounter. But every so often, civilians become directly involved in incidents involving their protectors. From a brutal attack on an officer to a cruiser engulfed in flames, watch as these individuals step in and become heroes for our heroes.

Good Samaritans help Ohio cop under attack

Two men aided an officer involved in a brutal scuffle with a burglary suspect.

Man attacks SEPTA officer, bystanders jump in

Two men watching the brawl quickly jumped in to restrain the subject, who was reaching for the officer’s gun.

Bystanders rescue cop from burning squad

Several men came across the cruiser in flames in a ditch and worked to get the officer to safety.

Truck stops teen leading dangerous police pursuit

14-year-old male had nearly hit multiple children as he sped through a park.

Good Samaritan jumps in to aid officer in brawl

Patrol Officer Rob Mason was attempting to make an arrest when he became engaged in a physical altercation with the suspect.