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Trending Topics: Why anything can be used as a weapon

By Police1 Staff

Even the most ordinary household item can be turned into a weapon. After a Kansas man used his leashed dog in a confrontation with an officer, we decided to dig up five incidents that captured the wide range of objects suspects have used to battle cops. Take a look and add your thoughts in the comments.

Kan. man swings dog on leash at cops

Man faces animal cruelty charges for using his pet as a weapon.

Woman attacks police with screwdriver

Transient woman charged a police car with a Philips-Head screwdriver.

Masked man attacks squad with paving slabs

Police came under attack from a gang wielding paving slabs and baseball bats after pursuing a stolen car.

Couple attacks Philly police with vase

A woman crept up from behind and threw a vase at the officers.

Warrant issued for Ill. woman accused of attacking cop with sex toy

Suspect pulled out the “pleasure device” and charged toward the officer with the sex toy raised over her head.