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Video: Fleeing suspect kicks Tenn. deputy out of moving car

The deputy went to search the suspect’s car after being informed of a firearm; the suspect then got back into his vehicle and accelerated with the deputy inside


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By Sarah Roebuck

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Newly released body-worn camera video shows the moment that led to a deputy becoming seriously injured, FOX13 Memphis reports.

On June 24, a deputy approached a parked vehicle and attempted to stop the driver from leaving the scene. The driver, identified as Jarveon Hudspeth, managed to drive off, dragging the deputy who was pinned against the door of the vehicle.

The deputy shot Hudspeth, who continued driving for around a half mile before stopping, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said. Hudspeth died at the hospital.

On Aug. 24, the Shelby County District’s Attorney Office released three videos related to the incident.

The first video shows the body-worn camera video from the Shelby County deputy. In the video, the deputy gets out of his cruiser and approaches the suspect’s car. Hudspeth hands over his driver’s license and tells the deputy he doesn’t have insurance. The deputy then asks Hudspeth to get out of the vehicle.

Hudspeth then tells the deputy he has a firearm. The deputy searches Hudspeth and asks him to sit in the back of the cruiser while the deputy searches Hudspeth’s vehicle.

“Don’t get back in the vehicle,” the deputy says.

That’s when Hudspeth gets back in his driver’s seat. A struggle ensues and the car accelerates forward. In the video, the deputy’s feet can be seen inside of Hudspeth’s car. At some point, the deputy’s body camera falls off and lands outside.

TBI is investigating the incident.

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