Video shows woman stab LVMPD officer in the head before she is shot, killed

As the officer grabbed the suspect's wrist, she grabbed a knife and stabbed the officer on the top of his head

By Sarah Roebuck

LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas police officer was slashed in the head while investigating a domestic battery complaint, KLAS reports.

According to Assistant Sheriff Sasha Larkin, LVMPD officers were called to the house on Aug. 25 after a man reported that his sister, identified as Sandra Lopez-Ochoa, 25, had "battered" him.

Shortly after, Lopez-Ochoa called 911 to report a domestic disturbance. 

Once officers arrived at the apartment complex, they spoke with the suspect's brother. After speaking with the brother, officers determined there was probable cause to arrest Lopez-Ochoa for domestic strangulation. 

Lopez-Ochoa was sitting on a couch inside of the apartment. Body-worn camera video shows an officer asking Lopez-Ochoa to put her hands behind her back. As the officer grabbed the suspect's wrist, Lopez-Ochoa grabbed a knife and stabbed the officer on the top of his head.

As Lopez-Ochoa turned toward another officer at the scene, the officer shot Lopez-Ochoa.

The injured officer was taken and released from the hospital. Larkin said he is resting at home.

Lopez-Ochoa was pronounced dead at the scene.

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