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Chicago police create tracking program to help deter car thieves

Drivers can consent for auto manufacturers to provide officers with their vehicle’s tracking details


Photo/YouTube via ABC 7

By Ashley Silver

CHICAGO One sheriff’s department has created a proactive solution to deter would-be vehicle thieves and carjackers.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office believes letting criminals know cars are equipped with tracking technology will deter thefts.

“It’s difficult when you’re constantly feeling as if you’re a victim,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told the media outlet.

The department worked to create new legislation requiring auto manufacturers to provide officers with details about any tracking capabilities if a car is stolen if the car owner has granted permission.

After drivers manually provide consent through an online form, they receive a sticker from the sheriff’s office they can place in their windshields to alert thieves the car is being tracked.

“You will receive in the mail two different vehicle stickers from us, one for the front and one for the back of your car that you can place in your car that will be something that will deter people,” Dart told ABC 7. “We have talked to be people who we have taken in custody, and, trust me, they’ve been clear that they don’t want to be dealing with cars that they know that we are tracking.”

The new tracking method mainly works with cars made after 2014.

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