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What’s even more special is that these gifts help support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
According to a recent survey, 74% of respondents say agency employees currently are not well-equipped to investigate cryptocurrency-related crime. However, they’re seeing a rise in criminal activity.
The rate of nonfatal carjackings has declined by 78% from 1995 to 2021
Bills introduced in the House and Senate would expand police officers’ immunity from civil liability and roll back prison system reforms enacted under previous Gov. John Bel Edwards’s administration
Baltimore city leaders sued ghost gun kit manufacturer Polymer80 after seeing a rise of the untraceable weapons on city streets and in the hands of minors
The Flock Safety technology can differentiate a gunshot from a firework and turns on video surveillance automatically when a gunshot is detected
Chief Michel Moore credited the decreases to better coordination with law enforcement partners to address trends such as retail theft and follow-home robberies
“We feel the frequency and severity of the crimes being encountered by our customers and associates leave us no alternative.”
“What I love about East Palo Alto is not only is it a model for our peninsula, but also the country about how community policing can be effective,” Mayor Antonio López said
“Agencies putting more efforts into relationships with the community are going to see positive things, like improvements in the clearance rates,” a criminal justice expert said
“There’s much more work to be done,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said. “I think we’ve shown over the last couple years that we can both reduce crime and reform a police department at the same time”