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Learn how Larsen’s hefty donation for officer wellness and community engagement builds on his extensive history of supporting law enforcement in the City by the Bay
Some of these gifts help support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
To win these encounters, it is good to look at these real world-obstacle courses as a seven-stage event
The group has been stealing from unoccupied homes after sending one member to the front door dressed as a construction worker in an attempt to avert suspicion
Project Beloved: The Molly Jane Mission has partnered with more than 100 law enforcement agencies across the country to implement these rooms
A search warrant executed at a retail store yielded more than 4,000 stolen Lego sets; interviews with employees indicated the owner knew the sets were stolen
The changes include “additional support” for the Downtown Public Safety Center, including police dogs, bicycle units and violence prevention officers
“Big social and economic forces [drove] trends that began in 2020, but now there is considerable variation...that suggests local factors are becoming more significant,” said Council on Criminal Justice CEO Adam Gelb
In 2022, state police recorded 571 homicides; in 2023, the number dropped nearly 2%, with 562 recorded homicide offenses; in 2021, 647 homicide offenses were recorded
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s new tech center features the ability for deputies to access cameras from partner entities around the county
Allentown PD Chief Charles Roca said the Flock Safety LPRs and gunshot detection devices have already led to the arrests of two suspects in a fatal shooting
As much as surges in crime are principle to more overtime, so is staffing, department leadership says
Gov. Brian Kemp said Senate Bill 63 would “ensure dangerous individuals cannot walk our streets and commit further crimes”
Miramar Police Detective Danny Smith identified a suspect — Harry Van Collier, who was 28 when he, too, was murdered in the 1980s
“Our city was united in getting justice for the victim and her family,” said NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban
The agent was returning from work Saturday night when he was accosted in a residential community in Tustin
The cards, which will be given to inmates statewide, will feature the faces of crime victims and information on how to report anonymous tips to Florida Crime Stoppers
Legislative leaders are moving forward with a hard-ball approach that would make voters choose between the two efforts — and could splinter support for the ballot measure
"[The SRO program] was a great program, and they never should have gotten rid of it,” Bennie Radford said. “All ‘defund the police’ did is hurt that city”
Around 20 people broke glass cases with hammers and other tools and fled with an unknown amount of jewelry, Sunnyvale police said
“If you can help us identify this individual, we will make sure she gets the encore she deserves,” the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office stated
Nicholas Tartaglione was convicted last year in the torturing and strangling of one man and the shooting deaths of three other people
“When somebody comes in, it’s almost like a de-escalation where people are less likely to do something when they’re being videotaped,” CFO John Joseph Klinger stated
The individual boxes of Lego bricks ranged in value from $20 to more than $1,000
The tools were stolen from various contractors and retailers, with Howard County Police stating that some of the thefts dated back to 2014
“Having no consequences for bad behavior has proved itself again to be a failed criminal justice policy,” the N.J. State Policemens’ Benevolent Association president said
Mayor Michelle Wu announced a six-pronged plan that seeks to target resources and interventions in hot-spot areas prone to violence
Valuable items inside the houses will be equipped with GPS trackers, which will immediately notify the Atherton Police Department if the items are moved
The WalletHub report compares 40 of the largest U.S. cities to identify which cities are grappling with the most significant homicide rates