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Ohio PD adapts to summer crime data with new patrol zone realignment

Columbus realigned patrol zones for better policing and response times in affected neighborhoods, with resources deployed more efficiently


The City of Columbus/Division of Police

By Bill Carey
Police1 Staff

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Columbus Division of Police has changed how its officers will patrol the city to get ahead of summer crime after reviewing last year’s crime data.

The department studied crime statistics and response times and decided to realign the number of patrol zones from five to six. The purpose is to improve response times and policing in those neighborhoods, Fox 28 reported.

“We want to make sure that we are providing the best resources in the best areas,” Police Chief Elaine Bryant said. “So we had some neighborhoods that were spread out. They were in two different zones.”

There are approximately 200 officers assigned to each zone. With as many as 100 officers retiring each year, the department has a challenge with staffing. On April 21st, 31 new officers joined the department, the second of three classes to graduate this year.

The third class is underway at the academy.

Assistant Chief Greg Bodker said the citizens will be safe in the parks and on the streets this summer, and crime will be reduced but, ultimately, the police cannot do it alone.

“This is a community issue,” Bodker said, “and you can name any entity you like, media, law enforcement, churches, schools, community families that are stakeholders in community violence and community resolution.”