Calif. PD releases video of deadly shooting of Officer Jimmy Inn

Officer Jimmy Inn was shot in May at close range while responding to a domestic violence incident

By Laura S. Diaz and Cassie Dickman
The Record, Stockton, Calif

STOCKTON, Calif. — Stockton Police Department released body camera footage Tuesday from a domestic violence call on May 11 in which Officer Jimmy Inn was shot and killed and his assailant was shot minutes later.

The seven-minute video starts with Chief Eric Jones addressing the viewers on the release of the videos from Inn’s and Officer Pancho Freer’s camera footage. Freer is the second officer who responded to the scene and was the one who shot Lance Lowe, 30.

A Stockton police spokesman said when Lowe was shot he was not carrying the weapon he had used to shoot Inn.

“As difficult as it may be to see and hear for many of us, we believe the release of this information is part of our principles of transparency,” Jones says.

Concluding Jones’ message, a series of slides presents text-on-screen with the description of how events unfolded that morning.

Officer Inn responded to a domestic violence call at the 4400 block of La Cresta Way after SPD dispatches received a call at 9:45 a.m.. Inn was at the site by 10:07 a.m. The video posted then shows Inn’s body-cam footage, followed by Freer’s.

Other than selecting when to start and end each clip from the two officers' body cameras the video does not appear to be edited.

The video appears to show Lowe shooting Inn before firing at Freer. At a moment during their exchange, Lowe is seen strangling an 8-year-old boy police have since identified as his son. A person on the scene then tackles Lowe, freeing the boy. Freer immediately rushes toward Lowe, shooting him multiple times.

At the minute 6:50 mark, Freer’s gun is seen angling at the ground when shooting. Stockton Police public information Officer Joe Silva said Lowe was shot in the body while on the ground.


Police later said they found Lowe’s gun inside the house.

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