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Video: Man in NYC’s Times Square pulls gun on cops

A suspect was walking just feet away from officers when he suddenly pulled out a gun

nypd times square man pulls gun

New York City Police Department

By Michael Sheridan and Thomas Tracy
New York Daily News

NEW YORK — A Pennsylvania man dancing in Times Square pulled a gun on two police officers when they approached the strutting suspect, startling video released Wednesday shows.

Dominique Francis, 28, of Philadelphia, is now facing gun possession and menacing charges for the dramatic scene that unfolded Sunday on Seventh Ave. near W. 46th St.

Cops first spotted Francis, 28, striking a pose near his white car with music blaring from the speakers around 3 a.m., officials said.

Body camera footage shows Francis casually strolling over to the officers as they walk by the car — then pulling a gun from his waistband.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” the cops scream in the video as they pull out their guns.

Francis immediately drops his pistol and falls to the ground.

“What the f--- is wrong (with him),” one cop says as they handcuff the suspect, the video shows.

“Is that a B.B. gun?” another cop asks Francis, who’s facedown on the street with his hands cuffed behind his back.

“No sir,” Francis says in the clip.

“Is that a real one?” the cop asks.

Francis mumbles something but it’s unclear what he says in the video.

“This suspect took a gun out of his pocket, feet away from officers,” the NYPD wrote in a Wednesday tweet sharing the video. “Thankfully, it ended just as many other encounters do, with an arrest & a gun recovered safely without any injuries.”

A Manhattan Criminal Court judge ordered Francis held on $100,000 cash bail at his arraignment Tuesday.

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