Video: Officers rush gunshot victim to hospital in their cruiser

"They did not hesitate. They knew what needed to be done and they acted to preserve life," Chief Eric Winstrom said

By Sarah Calams

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A police department released dramatic bodycam footage of officers rushing a gunshot victim to the hospital in their cruiser after a shooting last month.

Grand Rapids Police Department Officers Andrew Smith and Laura Saxton were hailed as heroes by Police Chief Eric Winstrom, who thanked the officers for their quick response.

“The heroic actions of Officer Andrew Smith and Officer Laura Saxton during an extremely chaotic and dangerous situation undoubtedly saved this man’s life,” Winstrom told

The shooting, which happened on July 17, injured four people, including critically injuring a man who was shot in the head. That man, Kawaunn Mayhue, was the victim who was transported by the officers.

“I have made the decision to release footage from body-worn cameras to show the bravery and selflessness that Officer Smith and Officer Saxton showed that night. They did not hesitate. They did not seek out or wait for permission. They knew what needed to be done and they acted to preserve life.”

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