7 great grant writing training resources for cops

Now is a good time to get new skills or hone old ones in grant writing

The election is over and the wait has begun for the new Federal Administration and President to be officially up and running. No new grants will be offered from the administration until the first new budget is approved by Congress. The fiscal year ends September 30, 2017. While that work is in progress, now is a good time to get new skills or hone old ones in grant writing. 

Grant writing training for law enforcement is available in many venues, including the classroom, online and guides. Each type of training offers the basics in grant writing skills. After teaching grant writing for the past 16 years for law enforcement, I have found that the classroom is ideal as it offers the opportunity to draft, write and discuss the grant writing process. If you use online resources or guides, I recommend that you create a draft document and share it with someone who has successfully written and been rewarded a grant-funded program. 

Grant writing is not hard once you understand the funder’s requirements and are able to clearly state your needs based on data. Justification is critical, sound program development is based on scientifically proved processes and goals and objectives must be measureable. Most of these basics have been covered in the articles posted in my column which are found here.

The following resources are available to law enforcement (sometimes labeled “Public Safety”):

Classroom training

Grant writing guides


I recommend that you contact your local community college about grant writing training under their public safety department. This may carry college credit if you are pursuing a career in law enforcement.  Sometimes your state Justice Department will sponsor a class as well. Some state senators or state representatives will publish a grant writing guide or sponsor a grant writing class. You can contact them through their state legislative website.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and enjoyable holiday season!

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