Submitting a fundable JAG grant: Are you up to date?

Please make sure you and your departments are up to date with these materials and instructions

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) issued a technical report on September 29, 2016 regarding the Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG). This report offers detailed information about the distribution of funds at the state and local level. All eligible jurisdictions are included in this report.

Allocations in summary:

  • The total allocation for the 2016 JAG funding was approximately $274.9 million, of which $268.2 million went to states and $6.7 million to U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. „
  • The five states with the largest total allocations included California ($30.5 million), Texas ($21.4 million), Florida ($17.8 million), New York ($15.6 million), and Illinois ($10.4 million). „
  • A total of 1,501 local governments were eligible for awards, either directly or through a joint award with other governments within their county.
  • The five local governments eligible to receive the largest awards were New York City ($4.3 million), Chicago ($2.1 million), Houston ($1.7 million), Philadelphia ($1.7 million), and Los Angeles ($1.4 million).
  • Two states had 100 or more local governments eligible to receive award funds either directly or through a shared award, California (214) and Florida (118).

This report also offers insight into how the calculations for award amounts are made and explains the disparate jurisdictions and joint allocations. Additional information includes penalty and bonus funds for compliance with the sex offender and notification act.

The Bureau of Justice provides the technical information concerning JAG applications. New updated information about the program use of funds as well as frequently asked questions about the grant funding and developing a fundable project is available here.

It is very important that any one department looking to apply for JAG funds learn more about the new revised JAG performance measures. These new tools have been developed to enable success through evidence-based practices which must be measured. For more information and training on these measures, visit this website.

When planning your JAG projects, keep in mind that the funding may be used within the following areas.

JAG awards may be used for the following eight purposes:

  • law enforcement
  • prosecution and courts
  • prevention and education
  • corrections and community
  • corrections
  • drug treatment
  • planning, evaluation, and technology improvement
  • crime victim and witness programs

A list of project identifiers is available. This list offers insight into what programs, projects, activities and equipment is eligible within the funding parameters of the JAG grant.

The JAG has been funding for decades. Keep in mind its purposes and requirements have changed a lot over the past eight years. Please make sure you and your departments are up to date with the above materials and instructions so that you will be able to submit a fundable grant.

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