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Office of Justice programs requests $407 million for Youth Justice Programs in FY 2025

The proposed budget includes a request to fund the Collaborative Reform for Juvenile Justice program to address emergencies in their juvenile justice systems


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The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) presented its fiscal year 2025 budget request on March 12, requesting more than $5.5 billion in funding for assistance to state, local and Tribal partners to advance community safety, build community trust, and strengthen the role communities play in promoting safety and justice. The proposed budget includes $2.5 billion to support OJP discretionary programs, including $407 million designated specifically for juvenile justice programs, to be distributed by OJJDP.

“A big theme you’ll see running through the budget is a focus on communities — recognizing the vital role that community organizations and community leaders play in public safety, in partnership with police, prosecutors, courts and corrections agencies,” Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon said during a briefing for stakeholders.

The proposed OJJDP budget includes a $3 million request to fund the Collaborative Reform for Juvenile Justice program, a new initiative to provide technical assistance and support to help states and localities address emergencies in their juvenile justice systems.

Other requests include:

  • $107 million for youth mentoring programs. Mentoring is at the core of OJJDP’s programming because a relationship with a trusted mentor can change a young person’s life for the better.
  • $65 million for the Delinquency Prevention program. This includes $6.5 million for the Justice and Healing of Girls program, to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors among girls who come in contact with the juvenile justice system. It also includes $18 million for the Tribal Youth Program, to fulfill OJJDP’s longstanding commitment to supporting strong, healthy communities for Native youth, their families, and Tribes.
  • $75 million for the Formula Grants program. Formula grants go directly to states and territories, which decide for themselves where to apply the awards. Funding can be used to support a variety of services for youth, including job training, mental health and substance use treatment, community-based prevention and intervention programs, and school programs to prevent truancy.

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