An elderly man couldn’t pay his tab, so a police officer did

A flustered senior citizen called for help after struggling with his bank account

By Suzie Ziegler 

SWATARA, Pa. — An officer in Pennsylvania is being praised for his good deed after aiding a senior citizen in need this week. 

According to Swatara Police, an elderly man called 911 when he couldn’t get his credit card to work. The man had just eaten at a local diner and needed to pay. 

Officer Anthony Glass arrived and, after speaking with the man, paid the bill himself. 

According to Patriot-News, the man asked Glass for his contact information to repay him, but the officer refused. 

Police Chief Darrell Reider confirmed the customer had called for help because he was getting anxious about the situation. 

“He was confused, but had the wherewithal to call for assistance,” Reider told Patriot News. “I am very proud of the way Officer Glass handled the call. He’s very compassionate, as are all of our officers.”

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