Ariz. LEO brings child Happy Meal after mistaken 911 phone call

Facebook posts about Officer Randolph Valdez’s response have gone viral

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MESA, Ariz. — The story of a police officer who responded to a 5-year-old’s 911 call for a McDonald’s Happy Meal has gone viral on Facebook. 

Officer Randolph “Scott” Valdez was sent to the home of 5-year-old Charlie Skabelund after Charlie called 911 asking for a Happy Meal. CNN reports it is the department’s policy to follow up on all 911 phone calls with welfare checks, even for something as small as a child’s mistaken phone call. 

According to a Facebook post by Kim Skabelund, Charlie’s mom, Valdez not only educated her son about the proper use of 911, but also brought along the requested meal. Her post, with pictures of Valdez and Charlie together, has been shared over 800 times. 


Charlie called 911 and requested a happy meal. 😵 How's your Sunday going? 🤣 #mesapd #mcdonalds

Posted by Kim Skabelund on Sunday, October 27, 2019

"We were so appreciative of how Officer Valdez handled the situation," Skabelund told CNN. "He taught Charlie a valuable lesson that day, not only how to use 911 appropriately, but also how to treat others with love and kindness." 

Kim Skabelund shared a photograph of the interaction with the City of Mesa Police Department, which also posted it on Facebook. That post has been shared over 400 times, with almost 200 comments praising Valdez for the simple act of kindness. 


This past Sunday 5 year old Charlie dialed 911 to order a Happy Meal 😀 Officer Valdez was dispatched to ensure the 911...

Posted by City of Mesa Police Department on Wednesday, October 30, 2019


“Awesome to see a (police officer) turn this ‘accident’ into a learning moment with a treat, too!” wrote one commenter. “Thank you for caring.”  

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