Hate crime victim gets new car thanks to LAPD officers

After an elderly woman’s car was destroyed, LAPD went above and beyond the call of duty to replace it

By Suzie Ziegler 

LOS ANGELES — An elderly woman lost her car to a hate crime earlier this month -- gang members destroyed it while calling her racial slurs, police said. Now, thanks to the LAPD, she has an early holiday present. 

According to FOX11, a group of officers partnered with a car dealership to help the victim get a new car. 

LAPD posted a video of the big reveal to Twitter last week. 

Captain Stabile described the horrific incident to an onlooking crowd. 

“They jumped on the hood, they jumped on the roof, they carved racial names into the paint,” he said. “It was a total loss.” 

Stabile gave the woman the keys to her new ride, adorned with a giant pink bow, and opened the door for her. 

“We’re sorry for what happened to you and it means a lot to us to be able to give you this car.” 


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