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Hate crime

At the March of the Living, police officers engage in a profound journey through history to instill a deeper understanding of the consequences of unchecked hate and the importance of empathy and respect in modern policing
Unveiling the evolution of hate crimes and the urgent need for specialized training in law enforcement
With antisemitism and hate crimes at the highest levels in decades, it is critical for law enforcement to train to recognize and investigate hate crimes
As of May 21, antisemitic crimes were up 55% compared to the same time frame last year, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny stated
The guide offers a clear road map for organizations aiming to protect against hate crimes and terrorist threats
The FBI arrested the 18-year-old after he made a social media statement about “respond(ing) to the call to the caliphate by killing Jews and Christians”
The harassment began in December and the students refused to stop; the victim ultimately reported the behavior to Maryland State Police, which investigated and filed charges against the students
“We hope and look to this avenue as an added way for people to have access to their public law enforcement agency to convey these instances,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore
“We stand by a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to threats made against our community,” the Stark County sheriff said. “Every threat is investigated thoroughly”
“The State Police will meet this moment with a robust strategy and sustained commitment to confronting bias and intolerance,” Col. John Mawn Jr. said
“If anyone thinks that they can get away with spreading hate and harming other New Yorkers and violating the law, you will be caught,” the governor said
The policy defines hate groups as organizations that use force for denying rights, promoting ideological goals or advocating illegal systemic prejudice
The NYPD stated 69 antisemitic incidents were reported last month, up from 22 in Oct. 2022
The grant will expand the New York State Police units dedicated to finding online threats and will also be available for local departments to combat hate crimes
“No matter how and where one prays, every Californian deserves to be safe,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said after approving millions in funding for additional policing
The role of police in the Holocaust spurs an international group of law enforcement leaders to create hate crime and bias training
With lawmakers in limbo, I’m betting on cops and communities to win the fight against radicalization
Bodycam video shows officers arresting Richard Golden for posting a death threat against Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood
Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood didn’t pull any punches in his reaction to recent displays of antisemitic messages in neighborhoods
Court officers restrain a man during the life sentencing of the Buffalo supermarket shooter
Two suspects were arrested over the weekend in connection with the alleged threat to the local Jewish community
The comments, traced by the FBI to Wyakee Ansaran Vinegar, include a statement Oct. 4 that “we going to have to start shooting and executing cops.”
The suspect had delusions that Asian people were “after him,” his girlfriend told police
The suspect, a Chinese-born U.S. citizen, tried to disable locks with superglue and used chains to secure the doors
Authorities were still working to confirm the authenticity of a 180-page manifesto that was posted online that detailed the plot
Erie County Sheriff: “This was pure evil. It was straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community.”
The platform said the video violated its “violent or graphic content policy”
The arrests concluded a yearlong investigation into robberies that targeted Asian women
Police found unlawful weapons at the man’s home and a manifesto stating he would “slaughter” thousands of women “out of hatred, jealousy and revenge”