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Follow this page to keep track of news and department updates on the LAPD, one of the largest municipal police forces in the United States and the agency behind the widely-adopted motto “protect and serve.”

Media and public communications are vastly different in today’s digital age
Deputy Chief John McMahon discusses the LAPD’s adoption of advanced technologies, aiming to boost efficiency, improve community interaction and address the policing challenges of tomorrow
The defendant officer was initially denied qualified immunity after fatally shooting a violent subject
Stephanie Lazarus, a 25-year veteran detective, was arrested in 2009 for a 1986 murder after DNA from a bite mark on the victim linked Lazarus to the victim’s death
The man raised the knife and ran at officers who were providing medical care to a victim of an unrelated incident
“It would have been boring if we were allowed to do it,” the man said, expressing surprise that he had not been arrested already
The officer had been working a security detail around 3:30 a.m. when a man approached her vehicle and managed to get inside
“I directed an immediate surge of law enforcement personnel on Metro buses and rail cars and stations,” said Mayor Karen Bass
The driver initially stopped for LAPD officers before speeding off and crashing, causing the driver to launch hundreds of feet from the vehicle
Officers arrested dozens of protesters after their advance into the protest camp was met with fierce resistance
Daniel Jenkins, along with two other men, plotted to kill the detective after he testified against Jenkins in a robbery case in 1985
Between March and June 2023, police said, three people they came to name the “Punch Crew” burglarized several restaurants, stealing about $80,000 from various businesses and causing about $160,000 in damage
The suspect dropped the firearm, later determined to be a ghost gun, while falling from the third floor but reached for it when he hit the ground
Analysis shows that an average of 31 recruits per academy class graduate to become officers, about half the number needed to keep pace with Mayor Karen Bass’ plan to reach 9,500 officers
Officials suggested that the LAPD update their communication training to better handle situations like this event
Body camera video shows the officers negotiated for hours, deployed a mental health response team and used less lethal measures before the shooting occurred
Officials say the thieves that stole about $30 million from a money storage facility seemed to have entered through the roof; investigators are requesting home security footage from the surrounding neighborhood
“It’s taking some of the workload from us and shifting the resources to the appropriate responders,” said LAPD interim Chief Dominic Choi
A jury ruled that Officer Toni McBride was not treated unfairly by the department; McBride had alleged her career was threatened if she did not remove certain social media posts
The suspect was taken to a hospital to receive medical care after being involved in a traffic crash; he began to act erratically and resist officers as they escorted him inside the hospital
“[The] LAPD is a trained, professional police force,” L.A. Councilmember Kevin de Leon said. “They are there to protect and serve the city of LA, not to protect and babysit buildings”
The officer, who is still with the department but was demoted to a position that separated him from his K-9 partner, alleged that he was called names, maligned by false rumors and retaliated against by department leaders
The suspect, who was on meth, refused Officer Toni McBride’s commands to drop a box cutter as he continued to move toward officers at the scene of a car crash
The suspect fled in the stolen vehicle, then on foot, before being taken in by a K-9 team
‘Operation Safe Cities’ will train police detectives to prepare federal cases against gun crime suspects; leaders believe that prosecuting suspects on federal charges will allow for harsher penalties
Sgt. Jay Balgemino saw the boy collapse only half a mile away from the finish and helped him achieve his goal
“They tend to not carry guns. They don’t want to get gun charges. They sometimes carry jamming devices to disable home security systems.”
The car caught fire after the 14-year-old driver crashed into a light pole while evading a traffic stop; a third teenager in the back seat was killed in the fire
The 1,200 applications came after the officers in the department received a 13% raise with a new four-year contract signed in 2023