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Md. cops fix roof for elderly couple scammed by contractor

A patrol squad took matters into their own hands after senior citizens on their beat lost $33,000

roof elderly couple scammed

Howard County Police Department

By Suzie Ziegler

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. — A patrol squad went above and beyond the call of duty this week after a pair of senior citizens were left with an unfinished roof.

“We took a fraud report after this woman and her blind husband were scammed out of $33,000 by a roofing contractor who wasn’t licensed,” said Officer Jason Sagel. “They left her with no shingles on her roof.”

The patrol squad, which covers the couple’s neighborhood, took matters into their own hands.

“As a squad, we decided to come together,” Sagel said. “We have some handy guys on the squad and her neighbor is an actual roofer and is going to oversee the project and make sure that it’s done correctly.”

With donated tools and materials from The Home Depot, the officers got to work – while off-duty – fixing the roof.

“Part of the reason we are out here is that we don’t just patrol this community, we are part of this community,” said Officer Adam Wood.

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