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Off-duty Wis. deputies rush into lake to save family of 3

The deputies were at Lake Michigan when they noticed two juveniles drowning; the deputies swam about 60 yards to get the kids, battling 4 foot waves along the way


Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department

By Jennifer Rodriguez
The Charlotte Observer

KENOSHA, Wis. — Two Wisconsin deputies are being called heroes after their quick actions saved the lives of three people, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Kelsey Schwuchow and Deputy Christopher Bischoff were enjoying a day off on Aug. 27 at Lake Michigan when they noticed two juveniles drowning, according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s department.

The deputies swam about 60 yards to get to the kids, battling waves up to 4 feet, as well as rip currents the lake is known for, according to WISN.

The kids’ mother also ran into the water, “risking her own life, in an effort to save her children but could not reach them,” the news release said.

Once the deputies reached the children and began to bring them to shore, all four began to go under water. The deputies broke away from the kids for a moment to regain strength before pulling them to shore, according to the release.

As the deputies were swimming the kids to shore, they swam past the mother, who had started to drown as well, WISN reported. So they told the mom to float on her back and wait for them to come back.

“After reaching shore with the juveniles, Deputy Schwuchow went back into Lake Michigan and was able to safely pull the mother to land as well,” the release said.

Many people took to social media to call the deputies’ actions heroic.

“True heroes! I’m very proud to know that you both are taking care of us, even when it comes to risking your own lives. God Bless you for what you’ve done!!” one Facebook user wrote.

“Thank you for your heroic actions! You have gone above and beyond and three people are alive today because of it,” another person commented on Facebook.

All three family members as well as the two deputies were taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

“Deputy Schwuchow and Bischoff represented the KSD to its highest standard and went above and beyond their call of duty. The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department could not be more proud of the Deputies Schwuchow and Bischoff and their heroic actions,” the release said.

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