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Photo of officer ‘passed out’ from Hurricane Harvey response goes viral

Deputy Sheriff Robert Goerlitz reportedly caught up on some needed rest after rescuing those trapped by rising waters

By Police1 Staff

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A photo of a reportedly exhausted police officer resting after working non-stop during Hurricane Harvey has garnered attention on social media.

In a photo posted to Reddit, Deputy Sheriff Robert Goerlitz is seen allegedly falling asleep in uniform with waders on, leaning against a bag of charcoal. The photo was captioned “This policeman worked countless hours helping victims of Hurricane Harvey until he passed out.”

While the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has yet to confirm the backstory of the photo, the outpouring of support for Goerlitz and the rest of the undeniably hard working Hurricane Harvey responders is inspiring.

One user wrote that her son is a deputy constable with Harris County Police.

“He just got off a 26-hour shift and was told to go home and rest but he is on call,” she wrote. “It is mayhem out there. Those guys work so hard. It is not an easy area to work especially under these circumstances, but they do a great job.”

Another thanked the woman’s son for his service and said he hoped that “after all this is over they get the rest they deserve.”

A different user wrote, “Think how worn out you’ve gotta be to fall asleep soaking wet with that much gear on. He deserves a break.”

Another wanted to buy the officer “all the beers and brisket.”