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Rookie D.C. cop commended for saving 9 lives in first year on the job

Taylor Brandt credits her tactical emergency medical training from the department for being able to give nine people another chance at life


By Sarah Calams

WASHINGTON — A rookie patrol officer is being hailed a hero after saving nine lives throughout her first year on the job. reported that Taylor Brandt, who joined the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia in 2019, saved a victim who was shot multiple times just two weeks into her field training.

“We saw a guy laying in the roadway concerned for his wellbeing,” Brandt recalled. “He states he had been shot multiple times but we had no calls for a shooting, no sounds of gunshots and nothing pending.”

This was the first instance where Brandt applied her Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training, which provides officers with hands-on training in tactical medical treatment.

“Police generally arrive on the scene first,” Brandt said. “We are the first on scene to provide medical care and our first goal is to preserve life which results in preventing blood loss. Lots and lots of gunshot wounds, unfortunately.”

Since then, she has saved eight other lives thanks to her TECC training – all in the span of one year on the force.

“I would challenge you to find one other police officer in this country that has saved nine people. It just doesn’t happen. She truly understands that policing is about helping people,” Ralph Ennis, commander of MPD Academy training, said.

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