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Trending Topics: When a cop rescues a child

By Police1 Staff

There’s arguably no act more heroic than the rescue of an innocent – especially if it’s a child. For this week’s Trending Topics, we take a look at five of the many instances in which police officers saved the lives of those who still have so much ahead of them. Take a look:

Mass. trooper meets cop who saved him as a boy

A veteran trooper and the baby boy whose life he saved more than three decades ago were reunited.

Calif. cop reunited with newborn he found in dumpster in 1989

“I hoped that someday I would see him again.”

Ga. cop rescues boy from burning home

Sgt. Joe Hudson rushed in to remove the 3-year-old from the home quickly filling with smoke and flames.

Utah cops rescue infant from car in frigid river

Body cam shows the frantic rescue of an 18-month-old Utah girl from a car that had crashed into a frigid river 14 hours earlier.

Mich. cop catches child dropped from apartment fire

4-year-old child was dropped from the second floor balcony during the blaze.