Video: Ala. officers join kids in soccer match after 911 calls ask them to stop playing

The officers asked the public not to call police to stop children from playing

By Police1 Staff

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — After police received 911 calls about children playing soccer, officers responded by playing a game with the children.

WBRC reported Officer Jordan Burke and his partner responded to calls from the community about children playing soccer and wanted police to tell them to go inside. Burke decided to take matters into his own hands.

“We get calls repeatedly on these guys playing and there’s one person who continually calls and kind of wants us to tell them to come inside -- I’m not going to do that,” Burke told the news site. “Ethically, I can’t tell children to stop playing.”

The officer filmed the game and wrote a caption asking the public to stop calling police about children playing. 

“Please stop calling the police telling us to tell children to stop playing outside. This will be the result every time,” he wrote.

The video garnered over 17,000 views.

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