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Wis. police officer gives mom car seats instead of ticket

Officer Kevin Zimmerman purchased them after seeing kids riding without car seats during a traffic stop


Police1 Staff

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — A Milwaukee police officer pulled a woman over because her children were not in car seats, then purchased two for her instead of issuing a citation.

ABC7 reports Officer Kevin Zimmerman showed up at Andrella Jackson’s door Saturday with two brand-new car seats from Wal-Mart after he saw her two daughters were riding without them.

“Instead of the tickets or anything, I got car seats,” Jackson said. “I was surprised, like I had tears coming down.”

Jackson shared photographs of the gifted car seats, as well as Zimmerman installing them for her daughters, on Facebook. The Milwaukee Police Department shared screenshots of that post, which has been shared over 300 times.

Zimmerman told reporters he wanted to give Jackson the peace of mind that comes with knowing her children are safe in the vehicle.

“I am a dad of three kids and can’t imagine anything happening to them or not being able to have them secured in their car seats,” he told ABC7. “I was trained by the academy and my parents to do the right thing even if no one is looking.”