What is your most memorable car ride with a suspect?

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By Police1 Staff

A question posted on Quora asked, “What is your most memorable car ride with a suspect?” Former police lieutenant Phil Yerington gave his opinion on the topic, below. Check it out and share your most memorable car ride in the comments.



Right after I was promoted to sergeant and assigned to the night shift, I handled a call at a neighborhood tavern where a drunk customer was causing a disturbance.

When I arrived, I observed that he was not a very big man and he was severely intoxicated, so I canceled the assigned back up knowing I could handle him.

Once I arrested him, handcuffed him, and placed him in the back seat, he started talking about what a rich man he was and he'd pay me 6,000 dollars if I'd just take him home.

I laughed at him and told him I'd bet he never saw six thousand dollars in his life. He was poorly dressed, smelled dirty, and just didn't appear to be a man of great wealth.

While we drove I told him he was bribing me but I wouldn't take him up on his offer even if I thought he had the money.

He replied that if I didn't believe him he'd “just shit my pants” to prove me wrong. I asked what that would have to do with his claim to great finances, and he told me “then I'll have full drawers and a full wallet!”

He then proceeded to crap his pants (great smell to drive with) and once at the booking desk he removed his wallet containing 6,000 dollars in hundreds!

I guess he felt that he showed me!

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