ALINE, the World’s Most Advanced Insole, is Now Available

use if there is a picture end picture ALINE, group of biomechanics specialists based in Massachusetts, has taken the next step in human performance by creating a completely new insole technology that provides both stability and agility.

Basically a suspension system for feet, ALINE insoles fit in almost any footwear and support the foot’s arches without restricting natural motion. The result is:

1. exceptional performance in the field;
2. protection from excess wear and tear on the feet, knees, and hips.

ALINE was founded by Gordon Hay, who spent two decades creating custom-molded insoles for professional and Olympic athletes. Hay’s goal in founding ALINE was to create a product that performed even better than his own handmade insoles.

The answer was a high-tech project.  Hay teamed up with Keith Orr, an engineer who’s worked on everything from Reebok’s DMX technology to orthopedic surgical equipment.  After a year of intense research and development efforts, the ALINE Suspension Insole was born.

“I don’t know how we survived the process, but we did it,” says Orr.  “We succeeded in creating a footbed that is completely unlike anything ever made.”

The ALINE suspension incorporates 21st century materials and engineering to be both rigid and flexible.  It is based on a ribbed design that supports the arches and helps align the lower leg without locking off the natural functions of the foot and ankle. 

In just a short time, ALINE insoles have found their way under the feet of local police and fire units in Massachusetts, as well as elite athletes in ski, snowboard, golf  and cycling.

According to Orr, “Athletes and professionals are seeking us out because the ALINE system works.  Until now, the only options have been rigid orthotics that lock out the ankle or squishy foam inserts that negate most of the foot’s stabilizing power.  What ALINE has done completely redefines your most important piece of equipment…your feet.”

Located in Marblehead, MA, ALINE is a sports technology company focused on improving the performance and health of its customers. For more on ALINE, visit

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