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Coroner to first responders: Throw away your latex gloves when responding to ODs

Officials said the gloves may allow absorption into the person’s tissue, turning the responder into a victim

By Police1 Staff

MARTINS FERRY, Ohio — A local coroner’s office is warning first responders that their latex gloves could be putting them at risk for an overdose.

The coroner’s office told WTOV that the latex gloves don’t provide enough protection from deadly substances like fentanyl and may allow absorption into the responder’s tissue, putting them at risk for an overdose.

Fire and EMS Assistant Chief Jack Regis said his department is switching from latex to nitrile, which is thicker than latex and provides more protection.

“We need to take all the protections necessary to protect ourselves, because at the end of the day, we want to go home to our families and not become a victim ourselves,” Regis said.

According to the news station, Ohio has the most Carfentanil seizures in the United States.

Officials are suggesting first responders wear masks in addition to the gloves to provide extra protection.