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Huk updates ICON Performance Knit Collection



CHARLESTON, S.C — New for the Spring 2024 season, Huk is proud to announce the launch of its updated ICON Performance Knit Collection. The ICON, the shirt that launched the brand 10 years ago, has been fully revamped for 2024 to deliver even more rod bending, pulse-raising, and angler-proven performance. The new design incorporates innovative features and improvements to provide even greater comfort and performance for anglers of all levels.

Constructed from 100% Polyester and boasting a 50+ UPF rating, the full mesh back panel and sides enhance ventilation and comfort while out on the water. The upgraded ICON features Internal Cooling Element (I.C.E.) technology - fiber level technology engineered to cause an endothermic reaction once there is any contact with moisture, like sweat, causing body temperature to drop in minutes, allowing anglers to stay out longer. Anglers can rest assured that they remain cool, calm, and protected from whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

The ICON Performance Knit Shirt is designed with an enhanced construction that sets a new standard in fishing apparel. Still offered in short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and hoodie variants, the ICON now features full back panel wicking mesh that elevates breathability and improves drying time. The raglan sleeve cut gives anglers a range of motion, enabling effortless casting, reeling, and maneuvering. Whether fighting fish or polling long hours on the flats, the shirt’s raglan sleeves guarantee unrestricted movement for a more enjoyable and successful fishing experience.

The ICON is offered in a Hoodie for extra sun protection, providing anglers with elevated coverage for the head and neck area. The vented hood helps to maintain airflow, making it ideal for staying cool while on the water. Anglers can rest assured they are covered from sunrise to sunset.

Huk has incorporated anti-microbial properties into the fabric, preventing odor-causing bacteria and maintaining the shirt’s freshness even after prolonged wear. Anglers can focus on detecting that “thump” rather than what they smell like at the end of the day.

The ICON Collection is available in various colors and patterns, offering anglers a versatile range of options to suit their preferences and fishing conditions. This collection is an iconic piece of fishing apparel for the anglers of tomorrow as Huk continues to set new standards in performance wear.

Huk ICON Features:

  • I.C.E. (Internal Cooling Element) Technology embedded in the fibers
  • Full mesh back panel for enhanced breathability
  • Raglan Sleeves for a full range of motion
  • Anti-microbial
  • Quick Drying
  • Moisture Transport
  • Available in Hoodie, Long and Short Sleeve Options
  • Available for Men, Women, and Kids

Huk ICON Specs:

  • 100% Polyester
  • UPF 50+ sun protection

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