CMC Government Supply’s CoolCop AC Device

CMC Government Supply is helping law enforcement officers, firefighters, and anyone else who wears heavy and hot clothing outside by carrying the CoolCop air conditioning device that turns most vehicles into an escape from the heat.

The CoolCop connects a six-foot flexible hose to a vehicle’s air vent and runs to the worker’s top collar, forcing the cool air directly under the heavy clothing. Used by thousands of law enforcement officers who wear body armor, the CoolCop is a simple system that makes for effective cooling and the unit’s low cost makes it a smart buy for companies that have workers in hot environments.

Another CoolCop product to make hot weather more comfortable is the Carbon-Tech t-shirt. Designed to cool a law enforcement officer wearing body armor, the shirt is equally effective for anyone working in hot weather. The shirt is made of antimicrobial and anti-odor activated carbon, which wicks moisture away from the skin. Large mesh panels increase airflow, even while wearing heavy clothing, and because the Carbon-Tech shirt is cut extra-long, it stays tucked into pants.

“Working in the heat while wearing body armor and heavy protective clothing can be unbearable,” says CMC Vice President Debby Parker. “The CoolCop directs vehicle air conditioning exactly where workers need it and the device’s reasonable price makes it as critical a tool as any other during the hot summer months.”

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